Creative Director. Stylist. Designer.
Servant to Creativity. 

Jamie Laubhan-Oliver likes to do lots of jobs. Every month, she takes at least one idea from inception to the pages of a magazine. She concepts stories, finds locations, builds sets, casts models, styles photo shoots, and designs layouts. But Jamie’s not a total control freak all the time. She truly loves collaboration. She counts many stylists, photographers, and designers as friends, and she enjoys working with them to create and execute a vision on time and on budget for both commercial and editorial projects. 

Jamie has served as the creative director for D Weddings and D Home since 2007.  During her tenure, her work has been nominated for several Ozzie awards and multiple honors from the City and Regional Magazine Awards (CRMA). In 2013, her work on D Moms won Best Design for New Magazines.

When she’s not on set or at her computer, Jamie enjoys re-designing her home, asking her husband to do the heavy lifting, and hanging out with her dogs, Turk and Chaucer.